Captain's Challenge

With today’s emphasis on combating childhood obesity and promoting healthy living, the Anaheim Ducks have created a unique program addressing these issues in an effort to motivate fifth grade students to better health as well as prepare them for their California Physical Fitness Test. The Captain’s Challenge program meets the criteria for social distanced learning while taking students through interdisciplinary activities to help them learn about nutrition, health related matters, physical fitness, and leadership traits. The activities found in the workbook will seek to empower students by teaching them to become a captain in different situations – in the classroom, at the family dinner table, on the playground, and ultimately with the daily choices they confront each day when trying to improve their personal health and fitness.

The Captain’s Challenge uses the same formula as other Anaheim Ducks S.C.O.R.E. programs and provides many incentives for students, flexibility for teachers, and a curriculum that is standards-based. Thanks to the Anaheim Ducks Foundation, the Captain’s Challenge is free for all teachers. Participating classrooms will receive an official Captain’s Challenge kit containing student workbooks, participation charts, and Anaheim Ducks prizes!

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